Eco-friendly varnish in 100 colours

Using a high-quality varnish is essential for obtaining an aesthetic and resistant to scrubbing coat on wooden surfaces. Thanks to applying VIDARON Acrylic Varnish, available in a wide range of colours, wood can be fully protected in any selected colour by us!

The varnish protects wood efficiently against abrasion, scratches and mechanical damages, and simultaneously, allows to preserve its natural look. If we want to create an aesthetic and wooden surface ‘in colour’, it is a good solution to apply VIDARON Acrylic Varnish in base version (to be coloured within the tinting system). It is a ready-to-use product in colourless and base version which can be pigmented in 100 colours within the VIDARON Colour System.

Its application, while changing the interior design, will contribute not only to the change of wall colours but a new and desirable appearance will be visible on our wooden furniture or balustrade.

Fast-drying VIDARON Acrylic Varnish is characterized by gentle, non-irritant smell and complies with the strict European standard – PN EN 71.3 – Safety of Toys, which makes the product friendly to particularly sensitive persons. The main advantage of the product is also its easy application and excellent adhesive properties. The varnish is recommended to protective and decorative painting of furniture, balustrades, wood panelling and other objects made of wood and used indoors.

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