Permanent protection for garden furniture

Wooden garden furniture are constantly exposed to destructive influence of weather conditions. In order to preserve its elegant appearance, it’s essential to ensure a suitable protection. The preservation process can be conducted by ourselves. VIDARON Protective and Decorative Stain Pro is an ideal solution to take advantage of.

The Stain is an agent which protects, decorates and preserves wood. Thanks to an additive of Teflon® surface protector, the product protects wood against destructive weather conditions. Simultaneously, the Stain provides an attractive look of a gentle satin gloss.

Before application

The stain is efficient up to 15 m²/L. Remember to acquire sufficient amount before painting. Before we begin painting it’s also important to prepare essential tools and protect the site suitably, where the painting works will be carried out. It’s worth collecting all the vital accessories such as: protective gloves, paintbrushes, a sponge, sandpaper (150 – 200 and 300 grit),a holder or a support where we can place the painted objects or the stirrer.


Stage I – surface preparation

Before we proceed with painting, it’s necessary to prepare the surface properly. The wood surface must be smoothed by using sandpaper. Its grit depends on the degree of the surface roughness (the more uneven, the higher). The grit should be between 150 and 200. During sanding we must take care of all the elements, even the difficult-to-reach ones, so that the whole surface is uniformly prepared to the painting. It’s worth mentioning here, that the more polished spots contribute to lighter coat of the Stain, whereas more porous ones – darker. The collected dust must be removed by a vacuum cleaner.

The surface to be painted must be smooth, dry and free from any contaminations. Spots where resin or grease are found must be cleaned by using extracting naphtha and dried out – before we conduct further actions.

Stage II – first coat application

After opening the container, we must stir carefully the content of VIDARON Protective and Decorative Stain Pro. We can use a paintbrush or a roller. The choice depends on the object shape and our preferences. If we paint by a paintbrush, we must remember to use a special type, intended for solvent-based products.

It’s worth bearing in mind that the first coat applied by a sponge is a bit thinner than by a paintbrush. The advantage of the sponge, is a bigger impact on uniform application of the Stain, as well as obtaining the smoother coat. Additionally, it’s easier to access difficult-to-reach spots.

The Stain must be applied carefully and uniformly. Approximately one minute after the application we must distribute it by taking advantage of a half-dry paintbrush along the wood grains (it ensures its uniform application). Connection of certain elements must by performed by wet-to-wet method. The painted element should be left for 12 hours to dry out.

Stage III – second coat application

Before we commence to apply the second coat, it’s vital to carry out so called interlayer sanding. It’s performed after the first one is completely dry. The process should be carried out by using sandpaper of approximately 320 grit. As a result, we smooth the lifted wood fibres and obtain an ideal smooth surface. The collected dust must be removed by a vacuum cleaner.

The second coat is applied uniformly onto the whole surface, remembering to distribute it by a half-dry paintbrush. The drying period of the second coat – approx. 12 hours.

Completion of painting works

The last stage is thorough cleaning and drying of the tools. It’s recommended to use a solvent for oil-based products. The paintbrush must be cleaned and dried carefully.

By taking advantage of VIDARON Protective and Decorative Stain Pro to preserve the garden furniture, we can be satisfied by its look for many years.

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