Renovation of wooden stairs

Elements made of wood enchant us by its natural appeal and impart a unique look to interiors. However, wooden stairs used too intensively indoors may lose their splendour over time and need restoration. Thanks to properly conducted restoration, we can ensure a ‘second life’ to them and once again be satisfied with the beauty of their appearance.


Stairs used indoors are mainly exposed to intense abrasion. Over time their surface peels off and wears out, which results in less attractive look. Renovation of wooden stairs can consist of a few and relatively simple activities, whose final effect depend on. Properly conducted works allow to regain the construction a beautiful look and ensure solidness to the surface for years.

Surface preparation

Surface preparation is the first and incredibly important stage as far as restoration of wooden surfaces is concerned. We begin with removing peeling off coats and top coats of the old wood. To perform the aforementioned works, depending on the surface of stairs, we can use coarse sandpaper or an orbital grinder. The second solution allows to speed up work and is much more convenient in the case of larger constructions. Difficult-to-reach spots, where the orbital grinder cannot have access to, might be sanded by hand using sandpaper.

Careful sanding of the old paint or varnish coat makes it easy to apply a selected protective and decorative product on the wooden surface. Thorough surface preparation facilitates and accelerates application, allowing to obtain a new coat of uniform colour and explicit texture of wood structure.

If there are noticeable cracks in the wooden surface, we can fill them up by taking advantage of VIDARON Wood Putty in a colour adjusted to the wood pigment. The adjusted spots must be smoothed by sandpaper and next dedusted.

Product selection

We can use products for protective and decorative painting of wood to carry out renovation of wooden stairs. When selecting a product we must remember, however, stairs are exposed to intense abrasion and mechanical damages. Therefore, we ought to use a solution which ensures aesthetics and relevant protection.

If we are renovating the stairs which are utilized quite seldom, we can use VIDARON Wood Oil with a natural Carnauba wax, which protects and preserves wood. The oil might be used both for the European wood as well as exotic one, allowing to obtain a half-matt finishing and emphasize its grains.

If the stairs to be renovated are located in the corridor and are exposed to constant use, then an optimal solution is applying products which guarantee high abrasion resistance. Permanent coat can be obtained by applying VIDARON Stain for wood and next, preserve it by taking advantage of VIDARON Varnish (without primer). The purpose of the stain is to colour wood. It gradually and uniformly penetrates wood and does not lift its fibres. By using this product, we can obtain a uniform surface colour.

Product application

After the surface preparation and a particular product selection, we can proceed with its application. The product must be stirred carefully before use, which ensures a uniform consistency and colour. Both the Oil and the Stain do not require additional dilution.

If we decided to cover our stairs by the oil, we apply it upon wood by a paintbrush or a sponge, in two or three coats at 6 hour intervals. 15-20 minutes after application of particular coats, we remove the excessive oil from the wood surface by using a cotton cloth or a half-dry sponge. It ensures an optimal product penetration into the wooden structures of the stairs.

In the event of using the Stain, we apply it by a sponge or a cloth, then collect the excessive amount until obtaining a uniform colour. If we want to obtain more vivid colour, the next coat of the stain must be applied after 24 hours. The surface is protected by applying VIDARON Varnish (without primer),24 hours after application of the last coat. The varnish provides resistance to abrasion, scratches and mechanical damages. Painting is performed by a roller, applying minimum 2 coats at 12 hour intervals.


Renovation of wooden stairs allows to avoid expensive and time consuming replacement of the whole construction and contributes to regain an original look of the wood. Properly renovated stairs will serve us for many years, enjoying the household members by their unique appearance and functionality. Renovation carried out independently brings also a lot of satisfaction.

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