Stain and varnish application

Wood is a natural construction material which holds both unique aesthetic values and an exceptional look. Wooden furniture, parquet floors or terraces may enchant us by their appeal for years, provided that we make every effort to protect them suitably. Efficient wood protection and care can be provided by using products of VIDARON brand – stain and varnish.


Semi-matt coat, emphasising the natural wood texture, is a unique ornament of each wooden element. It is possible to obtain such an elegant coat by taking advantage of VIDARON Wood Oil. Oil can be applied both indoors and outdoors, to protect wooden surfaces of garden furniture, terraces, stairs, balustrades or decks. The product contains caring and protecting components – a natural wax allows to obtain a coat resistant to scrubbing and unfavourable weather conditions. As a result, the painted wood preserves its elegant look for a long period of time. VIDARON Oil, available in 4 colours and colourless version, can be successfully applied upon either European or exotic wood.


Easy and quick decorative effects on wooden surfaces can also be obtained by using another novelty in the offer of VIDARON brand – Wood Stain. The stain, available in thirteen specially selected colours, is designed for wooden parquet floors, stairs, furniture and panelling used indoors as well as outdoors. By taking advantage of the product we can also highlight the elegant appearance of wooden antiques, and – thanks to high adhesive properties to the surface – perform wood-based imitations on metal, glass and some plastic surfaces. Comfortable and easy application of VIDARON Stain is provided by ‘Easy to use’ formula which contributes to uniform wood penetration and prevents from lifting its fibres. The final effect is a uniform coat without any stains and streaks.

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