Surface preparation – a key to proper preservative application

Surface preparation plays an important role. This stage is quite often neglected and its consequences are serious. The preservative cannot penetrate the wood if there are old coats on its surface. Another issue is aesthetic values – the final effect can be poor if the preservative is applied onto the wood which is not sanded.



Before preservative application, the wood must be smooth, dry and free from any contaminations. The wood surface must be sanded by sandpaper. We use sandpaper of approximately 150-200 grit, alternatively a mechanical grinder. If we carry out a renovation of a previously painted object, the loose or peeling off old coats must be sanded to the bare wood. Undamaged coats can be only abraded by sandpaper. Sanding must be always performed towards the wood grains, otherwise defects might occur in the form of scratches and cracks.

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